Autopilot Device Identifier with Graph – Now in Get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity

I have just published an update to the get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity PowerShell script available here:

Or from the PS Gallery

Install-Script -Name get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity

This new version has options to work with the new Autopilot Device Identifier functionality:

New parameter “-identifier” tells it to use the new functionality and not the hash

Thie can be used with either -online or -outputfile to grab the current device and either add directly to Intune, or export to upload later.

There is also a parameter called “InputFile” to give it an already exported CSV containing one or multiple devices which it will loop through and add.

If the devices exist already, it checks first and tells you.

Of course the script still works with the older functionality as well!

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