Intune Newsletter – 7th June 2024

Community Content

We start this week with two macOS themed posts from Nick Benton, the first is a guide on how to deploy a Windows Autopilot machine from a macOS device

Nick’s second post runs through configuring NCSC security settings for macOS devices

Sometimes you need to give users temporary access or exemption from Intune policies via assignment, but that gives you the headache of remembering to then remove it again. Automate these tasks using this script and runbook from Michael Meier

You may have noticed on Win11 24H2, there is now a “Learn about this picture” icon on the desktop which is very enterprise ready! Find out how to remove it in this post from Michael Niehaus

We now have a useful script from Jesse Weimer if you need to force MFA but also have OneDrive configure for your users

Next, Steve Weiner has the second part covering Entra Public Access. This one looks at the experience for the end user

With Autopilot v2 now hitting tenants everywhere, there has been a lot of excitement about it. First to publish (I think) was Joost Gelijsteen, first looking at the whole experience and then covering the use of Device Identifiers

Rudy Ooms then has a deep dive into this new functionality and what’s happened to the hardware hash

Rudy then also digs into the new flow and what happens when using device preparation

Jan Mulder has a full walkthrough covering setting up the new device preparation policy

As does Joey Verlinden here

Karan Rustagi also looks at the new functionality here

We have another run through of the new process here from Maxime Guillemin

Michael Niehaus also looks at the new functionality, the opinions of the creator of Autopilot V1 are always worth a read!

And some notes after testing it with 24H2

If you want to script grabbing the device identifier, Simon Skotheimsvik has a script here

You can take this a step further and avoid the UI altogether using Graph if you follow this post from Damien Van Robaeys

If you want to also use Graph to create the Autopilot policies, check this post from Daniel Bradley

If you didn’t know about the built in alerts for Windows 365 (which have expanded from the original 3), learn about them in this post from Ola Ström

Jon Towles continues the Win11 best practices series, this time looking at your more advanced security options

If you want to add your devices to a group when Autopilot completes, follow this guide and logic app from Damien Van Robaeys

Joery Van den Bosch continues the series on macOS management, this one looking at app deployment, DDM and much more!

You can now allow feature updates as optional updates for users to self-service deploy. Find out how in this guide from Peter van der Woude

You can now see devices which are missing entirely from Windows Update for Business reports to troubleshoot them further. You can follow this guide from Peter Klapwijk to alert you automatically

If you have devices to migrate from Android device administrator to Work profile, try this guide from Rahul Jindal

Learn how you can use Intune to help harden Exchange online in this post from Shehan Perera

Video Content

Now for the video content, the first is a video to match the blog post earlier from Jesse Weimer covering MFA for OneDrive from Steven Weiner

Steve’s second video covers setting up Cloud Trust with WHfB

Steve also looks at the new Autopilot functionality here—9yYcGk

Here is part 2 looking at personal vs corporate and how to automate your corporate device identifiers

Steve also covers how to use Graph and Azure Automation to add the device identifiers

Dean Ellerby has a video run through of the new Autopilot Device Preparation functionality here

Dean then looks at how the corporate identifier functionality works to allow corporate devices to enrol without having to unblock personal enrollment

And a quick video to clarify the issue around using identifiers

This video from Andy Jones looks at the newly redesigned managed home screen for Android devices

Now for four AMAs from Microsoft! Starting with everything Autopilot featuring Elé Ocholi, Hung Dang, Joe Lurie and Maggie Dakeva

The next AMA covers Windows updated with Aria Carley, Harman Thind, David Mebane and Mounica Battula

Moving to cloud native? Watch this AMA with Joe Lurie, Lavanya Lakshman, Jason Sandys, Rob York and Danny Guillory Jr

The last AMA looks at best practice and security for Windows 11 with Katharine Holdsworth, Kevin Sheehan, Abhijat Singh, Harish Krishnamurthy and Nazmus Sakib

This video from Vaishnav K looks at app supersedence and the new update functionality for available apps

Microsoft Content

Now for the Microsoft content, starting with an exciting new look for Company Portal from Maggie Dakeva

Here is the official announcement of Autopilot device preparation as well from Maggie Dakeva and Juanita Baptiste

If you are managing AVD or Windows 365, learn the proper way to manage device redirection in this new learn document

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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