I am very excited to announce the launch of where you can find all of my SaaS apps to work alongside Intune and take your management further.

It includes:

Deploy Intune – Paid

A new look to my automated Intune landing zone tool. Within 10 minutes you can deploy a full Intune environment with all security settings configured, background image and more. Plus, it’s all assigned for you! It’s had a new lick of paint to match the theming across the rest of the toolbox

Manage Intune – Paid

A whole new tool after many months of effort. This builds on the free Intune Backup tool, but is designed for MSPs. It adds multi-accounts, RBAC, auditing and more. It is also fully hosted so setup takes a matter of minutes. It also features daily tenant checks, security reports, drift alerting and also tenant-tenant migration.

Whilst it’s a paid tool, I am not charging for gold tenants and the price is not per tenant, it’s a fixed price per month.

Intune Backup – FREE

An old favourite, used by many of you already, but with a new design.

Backup, restore and monitor drift across your Intune tenant(s). You have to configure app registrations and storage yourself (GitHub, GitLab or Azure Devops).

Intune Security Reports – FREE

A free tool to assess your tenant against CIS and NCSC baselines, you will receive a report with a pass/fail and the importance of each item.

Expiry Alerts – FREE

Another free tool, this one will alert you when your Apple VPP certs are due to expire, any expiring app registration secrets and also any stale Entra devices

Daily Checks – FREE

This free tool builds on the expiry alerts a provides a full daily run-through of your tenant, updated apps, failed sign-ins and much much more

App Deployment – FREE

This tool uses Winget to deploy apps to your Intune tenant. You can either use the community repo and it will package into an intunewin as well as add a remediation (if licensed) to update the application.

Alternatively, you can point it to a custom manifest file and it will package that into intunewin and deploy to your tenant

AVD Calculator – FREE

Another re-design on an old favourite. Quickly find costs for AVD without having to work out the Azure pricing calculator. It uses the Azure API for up to date pricing

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