Intune Newsletter – 14th June 2024

Community Content

We start with some troubleshooting steps from Rudy Ooms investigating a bug which could stop apps from installing during Autopilot Device Prep

Rudy also has a debugging guide for Autopilot device prep

Next, Curtis Cannon runs through importing ADMX templates into Intune and how to spot if they have pre-requisite templates

The PRT is a critical, but not well known part of modern authentication. Learn what it does here from Imran Awan

Michael Niehaus has been doing more experimenting with Autopilot Device Prep and we have four posts on it this week, starting with how to run an SCCM task sequence using the new ESP-less experience

Michael’s second post covers the many questions and comments from across the internet about the new functionality, well worth checking out

And some further thoughts

You may have noticed that the ability to set a device name during Autopilot has also disappeared. Here is a fix

Gannon Novak also looks at setting the device name using APv2 with a script here

If you want to keep your compliance policies updated with the minimum Windows version, but without the manual tasks, check out this comprehensive post from Maxime Guillemin

Maxime also runs through Cloud PKI setup in this part 1 of a new series

This post from Maxime looks at using Graph to export reports from Intune

This post from Steve Weiner is the first part of a series covering setting up the new Autopilot Device preparation functionality

And part 2 covering the user experience

And part three looking at how the new flow works compared to V1

Michael Meier has released part 2 of the time-based Entra group membership. This one layers a PowerApp on top of the code from part 1 to create a UI for admins to use

If you are managing devices across countries, this post from Sandy Zeng covers how to handle language and region settings for your Windows 11 devices

Did you know Remote Help also has a web app? If not, learn about it here with Peter van der Woude

Learn how to create an App attach package for AVD using PowerShell in this post from Johan Vanneuville

Take your device experience to the next level with Managed Home Screen as covered here by Thomas Marcussen

Next, Manish Bangia runs through configuring Autopilot device prep

Quick off the mark, Somesh Pathak has already started testing iOS 18 and macOS 15 with Intune, find out more here

If you aren’t using Update for Business reports in your tenant, follow this guide from Alex Durrant to get you started

Next, Rahul Jindal shows how to block Chrome extensions on macOS using Intune

Learn how to check your estate readiness for Windows 11 using inbuilt Intune reports on this post from Jonathan Lefebvre

If you are using Quick Assist in your environment, this remediation from Dominiek Verham will show how to deploy the icon to the users desktop

If you need to allow AVD SSO through your CA policies, why not automate it with this guide from Sander Rozemuller

Use MDE and Intune to block USB devices and report on them as covered here by Tim Beer

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with the second part of the cloud PKI series from Shady Khorshed running through why you need it and how to configure it

Steve Weiner has part 4 of the autopilot device prep videos, this time comparing the experience between Win 11 Pro and Win11 Enterprise and how to monitor your deployments

Steve also has a look at Robopack for app management

If you want to test APv2 on Hyper-V, this video from Steve will quickly get you up and running

Learn what’s new in Intune 2405 release with Nickolaj Andersen, Mattias Melkersen KalvĂ„g and Peter van der Woude

Chander Mani Pandey runs through Autopilot device prep in this video

The latest video is here and covers disk encryption for both Windows and macOS with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking

Next, Sujin Nelladath runs through creating mobile apps using Graph

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content with a look at all of the Intune resources available to you from Microsoft in this post from Lior Bela

There are very few blockers from going fully cloud native. Read about some of the misconceptions in this post from Harjit Dhaliwal

Find out what’s new in Autopatch with Diana Hoffman

That’s it from this week, have a great weekend!

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