Intune Newsletter – 28th June 2024

July is nearly upon us and hopefully I will get to see some of you at the Workplace Ninjas UK event next week!

Whilst I try and avoid including my own work in this newsletter, I have recently released a suite of tools for Intune, you may find them useful –

Holiday season is nearly upon us, I will attempt to keep the newsletter going, but there might be one or two with just a load of links if I’m busy enjoying the outside world…

Community Content

We start this week with a look at a critical part of Autopilot V2, Enrollment Time Grouping in this post from Peter van der Woude

Next, Nick Benton and Jonathan Fallis continue the dive into CIS benchmarks, this one looking at the Windows 11 settings and how they may impact Autopilot deployments

Finding the best size machine for W365 can be complicated, over-size it and you’re wasting money, too low and the experience isn’t going to be great. Fortunately Dieter Kempeneers has a guide here to help

If you want to set a custom URL for AVD, check out this web app from Jeroen Burgerhout

Learn about Windows 365 boot, including some things to watch for in this post from Niall Brady

Niall also looks at the GPU functionality recently added to Windows 365 here

If you are managing macOS, Rahul Jindal has a guide here to secure your home folders (and stop MDE from nagging about it)

A new EU ruling means that you can install apps onto iOS devices using stores other than the official App Store. If you don’t want this in your environment, Jan Mulder shows how to block it via Intune

If you’re having issues updating W365 machines from W1121H2 to 22H2, it could be a guest profile. Find the fix here from Mads Johansen

Next, Joost Gelijsteen runs through some steps you can take to protect your tenant from unwanted devices enrolling

A must read post this week from Maurice Daly. Delivery Optimization is crucial for saving bandwidth and speeding up deployments, but can be a pain to manage. This deep dive has you covered!

For those using ZScaler, this guide from Bruce Sa and Maurice will prove to be invaluable!

Exciting news for EPM users, it can now elevate MSI and PS1 files, find out more in this post from Rudy Ooms

Next, Curtis Cannon looks at the different script options available with Intune and how each behaves

If you don’t explore outside the Intune console, you may never have heard of Cloud update for M365 apps. If you want to learn more, check out this post from Peter Klapwijk

Joey Verlinden has updated the CA framework tool with some new and updated policies

If you want to shift your AVD machines from old Teams to new Teams, check out this script from Gannon Novak

Next, Jon Towles looks at using TAP for passwordless user onboarding

Whilst Intune doesn’t natively support PowerShell 7, Michael Niehaus has a solution here

Video Content

Now for the video content, starting with a look at how to remove the old Teams client during Intune from Steve Weiner

Steve also covers how to use MAM for your unmanaged devices

Steve’s third video covers getting started with Conditional Access

Microsoft Content

Starting the Microsoft content this week we have Scott Sawyer with a look at what’s new in the 2406 release

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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