Intune Newsletter – 5th July 2024

Welcome to this weeks exciting Intune news, this community never stops!

Community Content

We start with the third part of the cloud PKI series from Maxime Guillemin, this one looks at deploying cross-tenant

You may have some applications which require additional permissions, or want to add users of them to EPM rules without opening the door to everyone. Fortunately, Damien Van Robaeys has a script here to automatically add users to groups when an app is installed

If you want user SSO to on-prem resources but still using PIN login, check out this guide from Shehan Perera

Joery Van den Bosch also looks at Kerberos trust for SSO including mapping your drives using Intune

Corporate Identifiers have returned to Autopilot v2. Learn about what they do in this post from Peter van der Woude

Next, Michael Meier uses automation to create device categories based on device information retreieved from the Intune inventory

This post from Rahul Jindal looks at remote help with full control for macOS and how to use Conditional Access to protect it

If you are hitting errors when trying to elevate command prompt via EPM, check out this debug (and fix) from Rudy Ooms

Learn all about the advantages of using the Managed Home screen for your mobile devices here with Thomas Marcussen

If you still rely on device names and are considering APv2, Nick Benton looks at your options here

If you couldn’t make it to Mr T-Bone‘s session at Workplace Ninja’s UK, or want a refresher, here is the guide for passwordless onboarding with Autopilot

If you want to use Windows 365 with your own VNET, follow this guide from Jan Mulder

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with three videos from Steve Weiner.

The first two continue the Conditional Access series looking at the difference between managed and unmanaged devices when configuring your policies

In the third part, Steve looks at configuring conditional access for Windows application protection (MAM)

Steve then looks at using provisioning packages to rapidly on-board to Autopilot device prep including skipping some of the OOBE screens

Next, find out what’s new in the 2406 release of Intune with Nickolaj Andersen, Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg and Peter van der Woude

This video from Chander Mani Pandey runs through using Corporate Device Identifiers in Autopilot V2

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content, starting with a known issue when enabling filevault during device provisioning from the Intune Support Team

There is also a change for anyone using autopilot for existing devices, check it out here, also from the Intune Support Team

Learn all about corporate identifiers here from Madison Holdaas

That’s it for this week, have a lovely weekend!

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