Intune Audit Log Viewer – with filtering!

In an ideal world you would be alerted whenever someone messes your the environment and then if it’s unplanned, roll-back from your regular backup. We all know, that this isn’t an ideal world and things happen, someone clicks delete on the wrong policy, changes assignment to the wrong group, anything can happen and often you … Read more

Dynamic Win 11 Supported Group

Windows 11 Compatibility Screenshot

Dynamic security groups in Azure AD are great, but wouldn’t it be great if a dynamic query existed to add to groups based on Windows 11 compatibility. Until such a query exists, I have put together a script using the metrics from Endpoint Analytics Work from Anywhere report. As usual, the script can be found … Read more

Experimenting with ChatGPT for Intune

OpenAI logo

We’ve all heard of ChatGPT and how it’s going to replace us all and we’ll need Neo, Terminator and Chuck Norris to team up to stop it destroying humanity or something like that. I’ve been using GitHub CoPilot in VSCode since beta so I’m no stranger to AI assistance so I’m going to put ChatGPT … Read more

Monitoring Intune Enrollment Limits

Enrollment Limits and Restrictions are an excellent feature in both Azure AD and Intune, but they are always worth keeping an eye on before a user receives a new device and is greeted with a lovely error message. Whilst you can log into Azure AD or Intune, count the devices assigned to a user (or … Read more

Microsoft Store Intune Integration – Graph Commands

With the new Store Integration now speedily being added to tenants and my previous post on adding Company Portal proving so popular, I thought I’d have a look at what else is sitting in Graph This post from Sander Rozemuller gave me an excellent starting point and the script dropped nicely into a function: The … Read more

Intune – Backup and Restore your environment

Update – 02/08/2023 Added support for GitLab Update – 07/03/2023 Launched to provide a web front end to the script running in an Azure Automation runbook (More info here) Update – 05/03/2023 Version 5.0 released, changelog: Update – 24/02/2023 Version 4.0 released with a significant performance improvement Update – 16/02/2023 Version 3.0 now released … Read more