Intune Newsletter – 21st October 2022

Welcome to another week of exciting content with some post-Ignite summaries and a good look at the newly added Linux support for any penguin fans.

Community Content

We start this week with a round-up of some of the findings from Microsoft Ignite.

First up, Fabrizio Gobeli gives an excellent run-through of Intune, W365, M365 and Azure AD updates

Jonas Bøgvad has a look at the announcements around the Entra product line

Jannik Reinhard looks at the Intune specific announcements in greater detail

Shehan Perera looks at Intune and Entra updates with some excellent links at the end of the article

Shehan also has a second non-Ignite post this week looking at the new authentication strengths feature currently in preview, how to configure it and what the end user experience looks like.

Next up, we have two posts from Prajwal Desai looking at all things Windows 365, starting with a post looking at the different ways of connecting to your new cloud PC including the all-new app announced last week.

The second post looks at the keyboard shortcuts available to you within the running Windows 365 machine

The keep an eye on what is happening in your Intune environment, have a look at this Azure workbook from Niklas Tinner, well worth implementing!

Damien Van Robaeys has released part 5 of the excellent series on log analytics, this one using PowerShell and KQL queries. If you haven’t read the previous articles, give them a read first.

Next we have two posts from Rudy Ooms, the first one looking at the excellent debug tool, what it does and how to use it.

Rudy’s second post looks at ADMX import, troubleshooting errors and a workaround for one of the errors you may have come up against.

If you do any app packaging, have a look at this new site from Grant Dickins with a few posts on packaging MSI, InstallShield and other installation technologies.

This new application from Sidnei Brandao will show you what is assigned in Intune against a particular Azure AD group (something which I often find myself looking for when looking at an environment for the first time)

If you manage MacOS devices, have a look at this script from Tobias Almén which will automate the setup of Munki in Azure for you (I personally prefer Munki to straight Intune for app deployment at the moment)

In case you missed it, Linux device support has now started rolling out across tenants so we have a few community members write articles on how to enrol Linux machines.

The first post is from Octavio Rodríguez with the steps to follow for enrolling an Ubuntu device (note: URL has been translated from Spanish hence the unusual link)

Christopher Mogis has also looked at enrolling an Ubuntu device, including installing Microsoft Edge

Paul Winstanley has looked again at Ubuntu, but including Compliance Policies and how this looks for the end-user

Arno van Dijk has also looked at Ubuntu enrollment and Compliance Policies.

Windows 11 22H2 includes new features for Smartscreen and Advanced Phishing. To find out more about them, have a look at this post from Moe Kinani

The starters and leavers process is often a very last minute thing for IT staff, something which would be better automated. Fortunately Pim Jacobs looks at doing so using the new Azure AD Lifecycle workflows included in Premium P2 licensing.

Now we have two posts from Brooks Peppin. The first one runs through the steps to setup hello for business SSO via the key-trust method for those not meeting the pre-reqs for the new Cloud Trust option.

The second is a thorough comparison between Intune and Workspace One

Doug Petrole has tested the new Windows 365 client and shared their findings in this new post.

Following on from enrolling an Ubuntu device into Intune, Christopher Mogis also has looked at how to install Teams onto your new Linux device

Bitlocker is an amazing tool, but can be a bit temperamental to setup and encrypt silently. This guide from Jitesh Kumar covers the steps required to silently encrypt devices.

One of the newly announced Surface laptops is running an ARM chip and with the increased battery life they offer, I can see these increasing in popularity in the next few years. If you are supporting ARM based machines already, have a look at this guide from Jose Schenardie to deploy apps to them.

We have three posts next from Somesh Pathak both covering MacOS management. The first post looks at the pre-requisites required to manage MacOS devices including Apple Business Manager, certificates and MDM

The second post looks at using Intune to manage config profiles and deploy Defender for Endpoint

The final post from Somesh looks at MacOS update policies now found in Intune

Ákos Bakos has added part 4 to the series looking at OSDCloud, this part looking at some of the more in-depth features within the tool

Managing personal Android devices can be a bit of a security risk. This post from Peter van der Woude shows how to use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect BYOD devices.

To have a look at the new enrollment notifications, read this post from Joost Gelijsteen

Dominiek Verham has had a look at the latest monitoring tools for Windows 365 machines in this post

Joey Verlinden has updated the post on using Intune to control default Outlook Fonts (this is one I’ve used myself)

If you are considering switching to Autopatch, this guide from Colin Searle covers how to configure and use it in a production environment

Rather than having to constantly monitor things, follow this guide from René Laas to use Logic Apps and Teams Adaptive cards to alert you when a new feature update is available

To speed up imaging via cloud, BranchCache will offer significant improvements. To find out how, watch this video from Johan Arwidmark

The final community content this week is a video run-through of enrolling a Linux device from Jakub Piesik

Microsoft Content

Now for the Microsoft announcements from the last week

The Technical Takeoff launches on Monday, I’d strongly recommend getting yourself signed up for whichever sessions interest you

First, Kayla Cinnamon has announced that Windows Terminal will be default in Windows 11 which is extremely welcome for a fantastic application!

Another useful post from Harjit Dhaliwal (who I recommend following on LinkedIn and Twitter) looking at everything Windows related from Ignite and a look towards the Technical Takeoff next week.

Harjit has also published this with a full look at Ignite and which sessions to catch up on if you missed them (or if you want to re-watch)

For a look at what’s new in Windows 10 22H2 from an IT perspective, have a look at this:

And finally a look at some of the new features in Autopatch from Harman Thind

A look at the new Windows 365 updates from Microsoft Mechanics

That’s it for this week, if you haven’t done so already, get signed up for some of the Technical Takeoff sessions and I’ll be back next week with more Intune community news!

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