Intune Newsletter – 10th November 2023

The days are getting shorter and the weather is definitely getting colder, but the content keeps coming, what a community!

Community Content

We start this week with this post from Abhinav Rana on how you can stop your users from changing the network on their devices

If you want to protect your BitLocker recovery keys, have a look at this guide from Rahul Jindal including some recommended Conditional Access policies

Next, Somesh Pathak tests the new web based enrollment for iOS devices, well worth checking out!

If you want to get started with Logic apps for Intune, check out this new series from Damien Van Robaeys, starting with pre-requisites and creating your first app

Niklas Rast has created a PowerShell script to configure DNS records on your Intune managed endpoints which you can find here

Learn how to unenroll your macOS devices (non-ABM) in this guide from Prajwal Desai

A second post from Prajwal, this one looking at the different methods to deploy fonts using Intune

Windows 11 Kiosk mode is finally catching up with Windows 10. Find out how to configure a multi-app Windows 11 kiosk here with Peter van der Woude

Shehan Perera has released the sixth and final part of the excellent series on Autopatch, this one looking at the day to day management and reporting

One useful new feature of the Teams apps is the ability to launch in the background. If you want to set this using Intune, have a look at this script from Florian Salzmann

One of my favourite topics, automation! Learn how to create an Intune configuration profile using PowerShell here with Tom Machado

Learn how to deploy Windows 11 23H2 with Feature updates and all of the other policies for the best possible experience in this post from Arno van Dijk

If you are managing Linux devices with Intune, this guide from Ugur Koc will show you how to configure and deploy a cron task

Learn all about the Authentication broker for iOS in this post from Jon Towles

If you need to move your Windows 365 cloud PCs between networks, follow this guide from Ola Ström

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with FOUR! more excellent videos from Steve Weiner starting with a demo on how to package, test and deploy Win32 apps for Intune

Steve’s second video is an AMA live stream including settting up an Intune tenant from scratch (stream starts at 23 minutes)

The third video demonstrates how to package and deploy applications using Chocolatey and Intune

Following on from this one, if you want to add a custom toast notification for your apps installs, follow this video:

Next, Sujin Nelladath demonstrates how to package and deploy Chrome

Learn how to deploy Windows 11 23H2 using a feature update policy in this video from Chander Mani Pandey

You may soon find Conditional Access policies automatically created in your tenant, find out more here from Peter Rising

The latest cloud management community (now workpalce ninja UK) video is live. This one covers Intune architecture and delegated access with guest speaker Thiago Beier. Also featuring Dean Ellerby, Andy Jones and Jason Hunter

Next, Dean Ellerby looks at macOS management with Intune

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with a look at the new features for managing your macOS devices from Lior Bela. Be sure to check out the video too

There have been some exciting additions to the upgrade experience on Windows with Intune which you can read about here (including the Graph commands!) from Angie Chen

Technically from last week, but don’t forget Ignite next week!

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!!

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