Intune Newsletter – 17th November 2023

Welcome to the post-Ignite newsletter. I hope all of you who managed to attend in person had a great time!

Community Content

We start this week with a guide on how to further secure your Android devices using Defender for Android from Niklas Rast

A second post from Niklas, this time a requirements script to ensure apps only install outside of ESP

When looking to access traditional on-prem infrastructure Kerberos cloud trust is a massive improvement over the older key trust model. Learn how to deploy it in this post from Peter van der Woude

The latest blog from Rudy Ooms looks at the Intune certificate and the issues when they expire. Fortunately there are some remediation scripts included to help fix some common issues.

Rudy has then followed up with a second post doing some detective work as to why the cert re-appeared on the device

Deploying mapped drivers and printers is often a headache with Entra joined devices. If you need them in your environment, grab these remediations from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden

Sander Rozemuller has released a new CLI tool for managing Intune tenants with some very useful features. This is one worth keeping an eye on as it grows

Next, Damien Van Robaeys has released part two of the new series on logic apps. This one covers creating an app registration and using it to retrieve information from Graph within the logic app.

If you want to remove the new Outlook app using Intune, follow this guide from Jeroen Burgerhout

This comprehensive post from Suryendu Bhattacharyya shows how you can deploy a zero-trust conditional access configuration using Terraform and GitHub actions, impressive stuff!

Next, Jannik Reinhard has released a new script to alert when the Intune Management extension updates and what has changed in the new version.

Learn how to use zero touch enrollment to speed up your Android device deployment here with Narendra Malepati

The security baselines for M365 apps have been updated. Find out more about the updates and how to deploy them in this post from Jitesh Kumar

Next, John Marcum shows how to set device categories automatically using Azure automation and an app reg

If you want to enrol a Linux device into Intune, follow this excellent guide from Jatin Makhija

This post from Kenneth van Surksum has some excellent tips, tricks and best practices when packaging your applications for Intune

Ugur Koc has released some scripts and instructions for renaming macOS and Linux devices using Intune here

For those of you managing macOS devices, you can now deploy network drives to them via Intune with this excellent script from Oktay Sari

Video Content

Now onto the video content starting with three videos from Steven Weiner, the first showing how to deploy LAPS in Intune

The second video runs through using the excellent Graph X-Ray tool to find the PowerShell Graph commandlets for commands within the UI

The third runs through how to configure SCEPman for certifcate deployment

This video from Craig Camacho shows how to restrict what users can see in control panel using Intune

You can now hibernate your AVD hosts! Find out how with Dean Cefola

Have a look at declarative device management for macOS in this video from Dean Ellerby

A quick run through of all of the Ignite updates in this video from Anoop Nair

Microsoft Content

Learn about linking BitLocker and compliance policies in this article from the Intune support team.

Find out how to use PowerBi to supercharge your Windows Update for Business reports here with Aakanksha Saxena

The latest skilling snack is now live and covers all things application control from Jeffrey Sutherland and Jordan Geurten

Now, Ignite news!!

Here are the main announcements from Stefan Kinnestrand

Now we can dig further into each:

  • A look at all of the new features now live in Intune from Lior Bela

What’s New in Windows Autopatch: Microsoft Ignite 2023 Edition | Windows IT Pro Blog

  • You can now enrol a testing VM into Intune for use with Test Base. This one from Tina Chen

That’s it for this week (as if that wasn’t more than enough!), have a great weekend!!

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