Intune Newsletter – 24th November 2023

To all readers in USA, I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I feel like I should offer something for Black Friday, but everything here is already free…

Community Content

On with the content, starting with a recap of the EUC announcements at Ignite from Ola Ström

Next, Sune Thomsen has updated the excellent remediation script to migrate your BitLocker keys to Entra. The update now includes support for all fixed drives on the device

If you are using Azure VPN for your connections, follow this excellent guide from Peter van der Woude to configure and deploy the client to your Windows devices using Intune

Niklas Tinner has released the second part of the Windows 365 series, this one looking at the technical considerations and pre-requisites before deploying your first cloud PC

Learn about all of the new features in the 2311 release here with Jitesh Kumar

A second post from Jitesh, this one showing how to find the restart frequency of your Windows devices using Endpoint Analytics reports.

We have a third post from Jitesh, this one showing how to switch users to administrators on a Windows 365 business machine

Following up on the previous post covering font installations on Windows, Prajwal Desai has released this post covering font installations on your macOS fleet.

This script from Bruno Siqueira will quickly create a folder structure and download the required files for quickly packaging your Win323 apps with PSADT

Not everyone has spare devices for testing each platform. For your Android devices, you can use Android Emulator as covered here by Malepati Naren

Niklas Rast looks at the LocalMDM PS Module in this post which is very useful for testing CSPs for custom Intune policies

This post and script from Niclas Andersson shows how to use Azure Runbooks to automate Group Tags in Autopilot and Intune

Find out how to extend the Windows 365 alerts functionality in this post from Niklas Tinner

This post and script from Florian Salzmann will ensure your devices are updated and ready for LAPS with April 2023 update

Rudy Ooms has been doing further digging around Autopilot V2, have a look at the findings here:

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a look a second look at DCM for macOS software update deployment (this one actually works) from Dean Ellerby

A second video from Dean, this one looking at the Settings Catalog import/export functionality

If you’re using provisioning packages to enrol your devices and hitting issues with CA, follow this video from Steven Weiner

We have three more videos from Steve walking through setting up Autopilot (Parts 1,2 and 3)

Following on from last weeks video, Craig Camacho demonstrates how to completely block windows control panel and settings using Intune

The latest Tackling Tech video is here, this one looks at Universal print with Harjit Dhaliwal and Braeden Petruk

In this video, Johan Arwidmark interviews Niall Brady

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with an announcement I missed from Ignite (sorry Harjit) looking at all of the exciting additions to Windows from Harjit Dhaliwal

Learn about all of the exciting additions in the 2311 release here with Ramya Chitrakar

For all of you Windows 10 users (firstly, move to Windows 11), Windows copilot is coming soon from Alan Meeus and Harjit Dhaliwal

That’s it for this week, have an amazing weekend!

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