Intune Newsletter – 1st March 2024

Welcome to March, hopefully the start of Spring and some slightly warmer weather! Congratulations to all of the new MVPs announced today as well.

Community Content

We start this week with the 5th installment of the MDE series from Salona Sahni, this one covers offboarding devices using Intune

And also part 6 using MDE with your compliance policies

Andy Jones has updated the excellent free iOS configuration options PDF, well worth checking out here

Andy has also updated the Windows version!

Between Log Analytics and Device Query, KQL is fast becoming an essential language to learn. This new book from Damien Van Robaeys is well worth a read (I highly recommend it!)

If you are using M365 CoPilot, you will want to use the new Outlook mail app. To make it the default using Intune, follow this guide from Joey Verlinden

Next, Daniel Bradley looks at how to use the new Cloud PKI functionality, including via Graph

Jan Mulder also runs through how to configure the new Cloud PKI functionality

If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening when you select apps which are allowed to fail during pre-prov (and haven’t we all), check out this latest Rudy Ooms deep dive.

We also have an updated post from Rudy looking at what happens when the Check Access button is clicked in Company Portal

For a true passwordless experience, you will need to use TAP for initial device configuration. This post from Nicklas Olsen and Joël Prins runs through how to configure it

Tracking your corporate Android Enterprise devices is a very useful feature as they are more likely to be mistplaced. Peter van der Woude runs through how to configure it here

Benoit Lecours looks at the different ways to enrol Windows devices here

Jon Towles looks at the new Cloud PKI feature here and compares to SCEPman to see which is the better option for your certificate deployment

Next, Ola Ström covers the different Windows 365 boot options and how they can be used in your environment

Ola also looks at how Windows 365 can help your environmental credentials

For those of you working in education, if you purchase devices with Home edition but have enterprise licensing, you can now convert during OOBE thanks to an update to the get-windowsautopilotinfocommunity script from Michael Niehaus

Next, Niall Brady investigates whether autopatch can fix the recent WinRE partition size issue

Oliver Kieselbach has released an update to the excellent SyncML viewer, learn all about it here

Disabling Windows copilot used to be a custom policy which can always be fun! Fortunately it’s now in Settings Catalog as you can see here from Aresh Sarkari

Video Content

Now onto the video content starting with many videos from Steven Weiner, starting with a look at Dev boxes in the latest podcast featuring Dustin Gullett

Steve also has a look at Advanced Endpoint Analytics and cloud PKI included in the Intune Suite license

Steve also runs through how to import ADMX templates into Intune

Next, Chander Mani Pandey demonstrates how to convert a DMG file to PKG for use with Intune

We also have the latest unpacking endpoint management video. This one looks at Cloud PKI and features Joe Lurie, Steve Thomas and Bill Calero

Microsoft Content

And now for the Microsoft content, starting with a look at what’s new in the February 2402 Intune release from Ramya Chitrakar

For those of you using SCCM Update Compliance Reporting, this FAQ from Jonas Ohmsen

If you need to rapidly offboard devices without wiping them, check out this article from Jason Cody

That’s all for this week, have a fantastic weekend!

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