Intune Newsletter – 23rd February 2024

Welcome to a holiday special newsletter, written back in the cold North East after a few days away in sunny Lanzarote with the family. A lot of content this week, hopefully I’ve caught it all, but please let me know in the comments if I have missed any (add the URL for others to see too)

Community Content

We start this week with a look at how to deploy a WPA3 Wi-Fi profile to Windows devices using Intune as the built-in options only support WPA2 from Michael Meier

Remote Help is an excellent tool in the Intune suite, but you may not want your ServiceDesk users to have full Intune admin rights. Fortunately, Nicklas Ahlberg has come to the rescue with this excellent security hardening guide

Next, Jorge Suarez has released an excellent selection of pre-configured Device Queries to quickly set you on your way with this new tool from Microsoft

Damien Van Robaeys has released the third part of the getting started guide for Logic Apps (if you haven’t read the previous two, they are well worth checking out). This part covers security and how to use key vaults to protect your Graph connections

Next, Peter van der Woude looks at the new automatic account management for LAPS and how to configure it in your environment

Rudy Ooms has been digging around in this new functionality which you can read about here

Learn how to connect to your cloud PC using a Fido2 key with Dominiek Verham

On the subject of Fido2, Simon Skotheimsvik looks at the new Offpas device

Nick Benton looks at better dynamic management of Windows updates here

If you want to add custom branding to your Windows 365 boot sign-in screen, follow this guide from Aresh Sarkari

Niels Kok has released an excellent script here to deploy a scheduled task using Intune

We now have two posts from Niklas Tinner, the first looking at Windows 365 tools, tips and tricks.

The second post contains a logic app to control Windows 365 user requests

Salona Sahni has released the third part of the MDE series, this one looking at enrolling devices using Intune

Gannon Novak has released a script to repair FSLogix VHDX files here

Ugur Koc covers the different options for deploying apps to your macOS devices here

If you want to learn about Windows 365 Boot shared mode, this comprehensive post from Niall Brady is well worth reading

Learn how to query the Lenovo API using PowerShell with Michael Seidl

This post from Jon Jarvis looks at why implementing Intune (and not hybrid Autopilot) is the best approach to take with your end-user devices

Learn how to create a custom Windows compliance policy with Manish Bangia

John Marcum has released a very useful script here for packaging more complex Win32 apps, developed for Workday, but applicable for others

Now for two macOS posts from Somesh Pathak, first looking at the options around local accounts

The second covers where to find the logs when enrolling devices

On the subject of troubleshooting, Thomas Marcussen runs through Tenant Attach and how to troubleshoot some common issues

Oliver Kieselbach runs through the process to configure certificate based Wi-Fi here

We also have two posts from Lucas Magoni starting with an Intune getting started guide

Then moving on to device enrollment

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a look at Device Query from Chander Mani Pandey

Now for the latest AVD and Win365 AMA from Christian Montoya, Doug Coombs, Tom Hickling and Donna Ryan, looking at some of the latest announcements

We now have four videos from Steven Weiner, starting with the latest podcast, looking at issues with a windows update featuring Jesse Weimer

The next post from Steve looks at Enterprise app management in Intune suite

Another Intune suite addition, Steve looks at Device Query

Steve has also released the third part of the deep dive into the migration script

We also have two videos from Jakub Piesik covering things all things Apple and Intune, starting with the initial configuration and token setup

The second video covers adding a custom domain and federating accounts.

Dean Cefola looks at Twingate as an alternative to a traditional VPN here

With many improvements to the macOS management in Intune, Dean Ellerby covers if this is now a complete MDM for your devices

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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