Creating an Intune Azure AD Device Admins group and assigning the Privileged Identity Management Role via Powershell

This post will cover how to create a new Azure PIM Eligible assignment and link it to an Azure AD group, but all done via Powershell. For Azure AD joined devices, using Privileged Identity Management and the built-in Device Administrators role you can control who has access to be a machine admin and for how … Read more

Creating Entra Conditional Access Policies using Powershell – Intune Compliant Devices

In today’s exciting post, I’m going to create a Conditional Access policy in Entra ID to restrict cloud apps to only Intune compliant devices, using my favourite scripting language, Powershell (and we all know how much I love a good script!) As usual, the script can be found on my ever-growing GitHub here I’ll be … Read more

Monitoring Windows Updates Using Update Compliance

Update: Update Compliance is now EOL, please use Windows Update for Business reports instead: Today’s post is about a Microsoft tool which is completely free and a great way of tracking Windows updates across the estate. Did I mention it’s free? If you want to read up more about it, here is the Microsoft … Read more

Copying Intune Policies

Update, the cross-tenant version here is more updated and works on the same tenant as well, please use that one I often find myself needing to take a copy of individual Intune policies, either for a bit of UAT, or even to change one setting for a different group of people. Whilst there are ways … Read more

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Calculator

Sometimes I need to get quick AVD pricing without having to go into the depth of the Microsoft official calculator so using the Microsoft Pricing API I’ve quickly put one together: I’ve put together a quick AVD pricing calculator to grab a quick estimate pricing, it uses the MS API for the latest costs: … Read more

Quickly Sync all Intune Devices

A very quick script today but one which I use regularly. There is nothing worse than deploying a new policy or app and then waiting for the machines to check-in, especially if you’ve just missed a cycle. This script runs through all devices and nudges them along. As usual it’s on GitHub and PS Gallery … Read more