Automating App Control Policy Deployment

A feature fresh into Public Preview, Application Control using either a GUI for standard settings, or you can upload a custom WDAC XML. I’m not going to go into how to configure it because that is well described here: For creating your XML, WDAC Wizard is your friend: … Read more

Authenticating to new Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo

As I am sure you have noticed, the Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo script and associated WindowsAutoPilotIntune module have been updated and whether you are using the official one, or my forked version, the authentication method has changed to the Microsoft.Graph SDK. In this post we will look at the two different authentication methods … Read more

Updated Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo with Groups fix

Update 14/06/2023 – I have created a Community version and added it to the PowerShell gallery so we can all add fixes, improvements and updates as a community effort. Read more here or download them with the commands below The Get-WindowsAutopilot script is in the toolbox or every Intune administrator, … Read more

Planning your Intune/Autopilot Migration

Moving to a fully managed Intune/Autopilot/AzureAD setup is not an overnight task, it needs careful planning and migration, no-one is expecting you to wipe every device and instantly move to Autopilot, that simply isn’t realistic for larger organisations. That’s not to say give up now and don’t bother, especially with … Read more

Windows Autopatch Groups – A First Look

With the release of Intune release 2304 there have been some (welcome) new additions to Windows Autopatch including Autopatch groups and policy checks. Autopatch Groups For some of you Autopatch is a click, set and forget service, but for those in larger organizations, you may want more granular control over … Read more

Finding Anything in Intune from its name

Policy search by name console output

We’ve all been there, you created that Bitlocker policy (other policies are available) years ago, it’s working fine, but you can’t remember which section you created it in. You could click around in the portal until you find it, or you could run my latest script: Also available on Github … Read more