Monitoring Intune Enrollment Limits

Enrollment Limits and Restrictions are an excellent feature in both Azure AD and Intune, but they are always worth keeping an eye on before a user receives a new device and is greeted with a lovely error message. Whilst you can log into Azure AD or Intune, count the devices … Read more

Intune – Backing up and Restoring your environment – New and improved

Update – 07/03/2023 Launched to provide a web front end to the script running in an Azure Automation runbook (More info here) Update – 05/03/2023 Version 5.0 released, changelog: Update – 24/02/2023 Version 4.0 released with a significant performance improvement Update – 16/02/2023 Version 3.0 now released with added … Read more

Intune – User vs Device Targeting

Following on from my previous post looking at User vs System deployments in this one I will look at another confusing part, Intune targeting. An important note – with very few exceptions, there is no right or wrong way to target, this is my opinion and your scenario may differ … Read more

Packaging and publishing Intune apps using Winget and Azure Devops CI/CD Pipeline – packaging as code

Introduction Application packaging can be one of the most time and resource intensive parts of managing a modern desktop estate, especially if you look after multiple customers. Winget gets us part of the way there (see my previous scripts here and here), but they all use the community repository which … Read more

Managing Winget using Intune and ADMX Import

One of the new announcements from the Microsoft Technical Takeoff was the management of the Winget App Installer via GPO (this video) With the new ADMX import functionality, why not import these new GPOs and use Intune to manage the App Installer on your machines. Update – 1st November 2022 … Read more