Quickly Sync all Intune Devices

A very quick script today but one which I use regularly. There is nothing worse than deploying a new policy or app and then waiting for the machines to check-in, especially if you’ve just missed a cycle. This script runs through all devices and nudges them along. As usual it’s … Read more

Intune Environment Build Script v2.0

I have just release Version 2.0 of the Intune build script to PSGallery and Github This one has a number of new additions: Automatic creation of Autopilot dynamic Azure AD Group Automatic creation of Preview, Pilot and VIP Azure AD Groups Automatic assignment of both Office and Windows update rings … Read more

Windows 11 Intune Updates

Windows 11 is here and it’s time to start preparing for deployments and management. I have now updated my build environment to include some Windows 11 specific tweaks which I will outline below. To use my base environment you can use the script from powershell gallery or grab directly from … Read more