Intune Environment Build Script v2.0

I have just release Version 2.0 of the Intune build script to PSGallery and Github This one has a number of new additions: All are being applied using the Beta Graph API calls to keep the script self-contained Group details: Autopilot Profile details: Status Page: Another step towards deploying Intune environments quickly, easily and a … Read more

Windows 11 Intune Updates

Windows 11 is here and it’s time to start preparing for deployments and management. I have now updated my build environment to include some Windows 11 specific tweaks which I will outline below. To use my base environment you can use the script from powershell gallery or grab directly from github here The first change … Read more

Getting App ID from Intune

Available from PowerShell Gallery Often when troubleshooting application installs from Intune (especially Autopilot), I find myself needing the app ID to see which particular application is failing. Whilst I can look at the web address, that involves clicking on each app in turn, and with many apps, often having to click View More many times. … Read more

Managing apps with App-V

For anyone still using App-V 5 (and why not, it’s still supported and built-in), but feeling left out with MSIX working nicely with Company portal, here is an old app I built for Application Self-Service using App-V For this application you will need: The application can be found here (with sourcecode) For your deployment, open … Read more