Intune Newsletter – 29th December 2023

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2023, I managed to squeeze in one more in the downtime between Christmas and 2024 as there is still content coming from this incredible community! Community Content We start this week with a comprehensive look at protecting data on iOS and Android devices using App Protection policies from Gannon … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 22nd December 2023

Welcome to the festive special newsletter with some last minute content before the holidays! Community Content We start this week with a guide covering best practices when looking to migrate from on-prem GPO managed to Intune, cloud management from James Robinson If you have specific machines which you don’t want users to be able … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 15th December 2023

It’s the penultimate newsletter before Christmas and hopefully the festivities are in full swing wherever you are. This content is still flowing in thick and fast though! Community Content We start this week with a look at the data leakage prevention options in Windows 365, how to configure them and how they look from Peter … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 8th December 2023

We are well into December now and there are definitely more hours in the dark than in daylight. Fortunately we have some ideal reading for those cold winter nights (or warm summer nights if you are south of the equator) Community Content Starting us this week, Jon Towles looks at how Intune compares to VMware … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 1st December 2023

Welcome to December, it may be getting colder, but it’s also getting a lot more festive! We have a special edition newsletter this week with the Microsoft Tech Takeoff event so I have added an extra section with all of the exciting content shared during it, well worth checking out! Community Content We start this … Read more

Winget PowerShell module

I’ve been using Winget for a while now and whilst it’s fantastic, the command line interface sometimes wasn’t ideal, especially as I tend to live in PowerShell and like to be able to manipulate the output a bit. For my winget scripts, I have been using some functions put together for an old Microsoft event … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 24th November 2023

To all readers in USA, I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I feel like I should offer something for Black Friday, but everything here is already free… Community Content On with the content, starting with a recap of the EUC announcements at Ignite from Ola Ström Next, Sune Thomsen has updated the excellent … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 17th November 2023

Welcome to the post-Ignite newsletter. I hope all of you who managed to attend in person had a great time! Community Content We start this week with a guide on how to further secure your Android devices using Defender for Android from Niklas Rast A second post from Niklas, this time a requirements script … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 10th November 2023

The days are getting shorter and the weather is definitely getting colder, but the content keeps coming, what a community! Community Content We start this week with this post from Abhinav Rana on how you can stop your users from changing the network on their devices If you want to protect your BitLocker recovery … Read more

Creating a custom Winget Repo

Winget is an excellent tool, but in some organizations you may not want to use the community repo (although all apps are checked), or you may want to host your own internal apps, but deploy and update via Winget. One option is to simply use a custom manifest which I have covered here The more … Read more