Intune Newsletter – 12th May 2023

Welcome to another exciting weekly newsletter with incredible content from both the community and Microsoft. Community Content We start this week with an excellent Proactive Remediation from Harm Veenstra to fix any unquoted services and block a potential security exploit Now we have two posts from Dominiek Verham covering Windows 365 custom images, starting with … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 5th May 2023

Welcome to this weeks newsletter and for those of you lucky enough to attend MMS, I hope you had a great time (and safe travels) Community Content We start this week with a look at how to manage your Chromebooks with Intune from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden. Well worth checking out if you are considering … Read more

Windows Autopatch Groups – A First Look

With the release of Intune release 2304 there have been some (welcome) new additions to Windows Autopatch including Autopatch groups and policy checks. Autopatch Groups For some of you Autopatch is a click, set and forget service, but for those in larger organizations, you may want more granular control over quality and especially feature updates … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 28th April 2023

Welcome back to a business as usual newsletter with plenty of exciting content Community Content We start this week with Peter van der Woude looking at what’s available to you in Endpoint Analytics, including the exciting Anomaly detection included with the IT Suite Next, Nico Wyss looks at ICMP, what it does, why it’s used … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 23rd April 2023

Community ContentVideo ContentMicrosoft Content Welcome all to this weeks Intune newsletter, slightly late due to the exciting MVP conference, a long journey and me trying to work out what time it is! Community Content We have all mis-typed domains before, but attackers are grabbing these domains to target your users in a phishing attack. This … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 14th April 2023

Welcome all to this weeks Tech Accelerator special newsletter, there is an extra section this week to include all of the great videos from the Tech Accelerator event. For anyone attending the MVP summit next week, I look forward to seeing you. Due to travelling and time differences, next weeks newsletter may be slightly delayed! … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 8th April 2023

Community Content We start this week with a look at the Intune Suite and in particular EPM from Dominiek Verham Dominiek has also followed up with a deeper dive into the product Following on from last week’s part two of the Intune Suite review, Jannik Reinhard has released part three, this one looking at … Read more