Intune Newsletter – 17th March 2023

Hello and welcome! Another week, another load of exciting content for you to digest! Community Content We start this week with a guide from Snehasis Pani to deploying dmg apps directly in Intune for your macOS devices rather than re-packaging or using a third part tool If you are looking to increase your security … Read more

Proactive Remediation Script central repository

We all know I’m a huge fan of PowerShell and Intune and obviously that makes Proactive Remediations one of my favourite features (if anyone from Microsoft is reading, please can we have it with Business Premium) Many of us in the community have scripts we have put together and Jannik Reinhard came up with the … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 10th March 2023

Welcome to what will no doubt take up most of your afternoon, it’s another bumper edition! Community Content We start this week with a look at compliance policies and when they apply from Scott Duffey, a very interesting read.——2 Next up, Robin Hobo has written a thorough guide to deploying Windows 365 Enterprise … Read more


Update 03/05/2023 – If you want to self-host and customise this further, you can now purchase a custom version with installer here I’m excited to announce Intune Backup a web-based GUI for managing Intune backup, restoration and policy deployments. It is multi-tenant out of the box, free to use and runs off my Intune Backup … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 3rd March 2023

Welcome to another exciting newsletter, this week Microsoft released Unpacking Endpoint Management video series so there is a whole section dedicated to that! Community Content We start this week with the next part of Doug Petrole‘s monitoring month, this time looking at monitoring GPU metrics on your cloud machines Nico Wyss has put together … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 24th February 2023

Welcome everyone to another exciting newsletter with plenty of tremendous Intune content. Put your feet up and enjoy! Community Content First, Jose Schenardie has some excellent logic apps to monitor app creation and assignment and post into Slack AAD and MDE groups sadly don’t match as many of us would like. This post from … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 17th February 2023

Welcome to your non-stop-shop for Intune content. This week is so full of content, I started writing it the day after I published last weeks! Community Content First up this week, Somesh Pathak has a look at the Factory Reset Protection functionality built in to Android devices A second post from Somesh, also on … Read more