Intune Newsletter – 18th November 2022

Welcome to this weeks Intune newsletter (hopefully) your number one source for Intune news and updates from the community and Microsoft. Featured After the success of last week’s trial, Dean Ellerby has selected another of this weeks posts to do a video demonstration so you can get a better feel for the update. This week … Read more

Packaging and publishing Intune apps using Winget and Azure Devops CI/CD Pipeline – packaging as code

Introduction Application packaging can be one of the most time and resource intensive parts of managing a modern desktop estate, especially if you look after multiple customers. Winget gets us part of the way there (see my previous scripts here and here), but they all use the community repository which could be a security concern … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 11th November 2022

Welcome to another exciting Intune newsletter with another dose of excellent community content and some new Microsoft announcements. Community Content This week I’m trying something new and have worked with Dean Ellerby who will do a video walk-through on one of the posts released over the past week and mentioned in the newsletter. This week … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 28th October 2022

Welcome to this weeks Intune Newsletter jam packed with incredible content. Before I start, a special thanks to everyone at Microsoft involved in the Technical Takeoff and if you missed any of the videos you can find them here or on YouTube Community Content This weeks first post comes from Jannik Reinhard showing how to … Read more

Managing Winget using Intune and ADMX Import

One of the new announcements from the Microsoft Technical Takeoff was the management of the Winget App Installer via GPO (this video) With the new ADMX import functionality, why not import these new GPOs and use Intune to manage the App Installer on your machines. Update – 1st November 2022 – The policy locations are … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 21st October 2022

Welcome to another week of exciting content with some post-Ignite summaries and a good look at the newly added Linux support for any penguin fans. Community Content We start this week with a round-up of some of the findings from Microsoft Ignite. First up, Fabrizio Gobeli gives an excellent run-through of Intune, W365, M365 and … Read more

Using Windows Package Manager to install and remove applications from your computer

If you have a personal machine (or have admin on your corporate one), or find yourself being the IT support of the family/friends, application management can be troublesome. With Winget improving constantly, we can now use this to install, uninstall and update applications on personal computers. I have released version 1.0 of the Application Management … Read more