Monitoring Windows Updates Using Update Compliance

Update: Update Compliance is now EOL, please use Windows Update for Business reports instead: Today’s post is about a Microsoft tool which is completely free and a great way of tracking Windows updates across the estate. Did I mention it’s free? If you want to read up more about … Read more

Copying Intune Policies

Update, the cross-tenant version here is more updated and works on the same tenant as well, please use that one I often find myself needing to take a copy of individual Intune policies, either for a bit of UAT, or even to change one setting for a different group of … Read more

Comparing Package Managers

Packaging, deploying and updating applications can be hugely time consuming, especially when trying to keep on top of the latest zero-day exploit in your apps (I’m looking at you Chrome!) Fortunately there are now a handful of package managers available to take away this pain, especially useful when you have … Read more