Intune Newsletter – 10th February 2023

Another week has flown by, hopefully a week was long enough to read the epic newsletter from last week! Get comfy, here comes another one! Community Content We start this week with a post from Mike van den Brandt looking at the essentials you should be looking to implement (as a minimum) to secure your … Read more

Intune Audit Log Viewer – with filtering!

In an ideal world you would be alerted whenever someone messes your the environment and then if it’s unplanned, roll-back from your regular backup. We all know, that this isn’t an ideal world and things happen, someone clicks delete on the wrong policy, changes assignment to the wrong group, anything can happen and often you … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 3rd February 2023

Welcome to this weeks exciting Intune news and content and it’s a long read this week. Grab a drink, get comfy and enjoy! Community Content We start this week with a look at the new troubleshooting tools in preview (release 2301) in this post from Nico Wyss Aaron Parker has added an API for … Read more

Dynamic Win 11 Supported Group

Windows 11 Compatibility Screenshot

Dynamic security groups in Azure AD are great, but wouldn’t it be great if a dynamic query existed to add to groups based on Windows 11 compatibility. Until such a query exists, I have put together a script using the metrics from Endpoint Analytics Work from Anywhere report. As usual, the script can be found … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 27th January 2023

Welcome one and all to a rollercoaster ride of Intune goodies, I can feel the excitement already! Community Content We start this week with part 8 of Jeffrey Appel‘s excellent series on Defender for Endpoint, this time getting to grips with KQL queries when hunting and setting up custom detections. (LinkedIn) Disabling Extensions on Edge … Read more

Experimenting with ChatGPT for Intune

OpenAI logo

We’ve all heard of ChatGPT and how it’s going to replace us all and we’ll need Neo, Terminator and Chuck Norris to team up to stop it destroying humanity or something like that. I’ve been using GitHub CoPilot in VSCode since beta so I’m no stranger to AI assistance so I’m going to put ChatGPT … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 20th January 2023

Welcome to another Intune newsletter, hopefully this week things will be a bit less “lnkless”. For everyone who came through ASRmageddon unscathed, well done! Community Content ASRmageddon As you can imagine, this was a massive talking point (and still is) so this first section is all around scripts and thoughts on the shortcut removal of … Read more